Monkeys in Tuxedos is a boutique creative studio based in Cairo and Delaware. We specialize in Creative Strategy, with a focus on branding and marketing.

Our biggest edge is our people; we have diverse experiences. From the very tech-savvy, to the competitive marketer, to the creative guru, to the designer, the architect, and many more. We guarantee lots of awesome, monkey-style ideas for every business to drive its success.

Why the name? We're glad you asked, well we found that the market has two types of agencies; the cool, creative ones that make a buzz (the monkey), and the relatively boring strategic ones that are driven by brand strategies (the tuxedo) - but none do both. Which put us on a quest to creating a business culture that fosters ideas that are both creative and strategic - this is how the concept of Monkeys in Tuxedos came to life.

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